with the highest attention to detail, future-proofing, flexibility & efficiency.


in our factory and homes are delivered to site as complete as possible.


construction, erection and logistics managed in house.

We are building
Better, Greener, Faster

We’re a design led enterprise offering turn-key, sustainable, modular residential housing solutions to developers and registered providers. Our homes are highly customisable but maintain a strict focus on attention to detail, energy efficiency and build consistency. There’s no better way to future proof residential housing.


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with the highest attention to detail

Our Homes

Flexible housing solutions that work for you.

Our role can be developer, principal contractor or subcontractor.

Offering full turnkey solutions or superstructure delivery only.

Giving you the control, you desire.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation

For the

We have a variety of offerings that developers can choose from, where residents and placemaking are positioned at the forefront of the plan.

For the

From turnkey contracts to joint ventures, Totally Modular offers totally integrated services.

For the

Affordable, interim emergency accommodation solutions, helping the people in need re-enter society.

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up to 95%


We’re at the leading edge of innovation and digital design.

We’re adapting and standardising our factory production line with the latest manufacturing technology to enhance our delivered offering.

Each of our projects encompasses an innovative, digital spine throughout the process to drive quality assurance and provide a transparent audit trial by integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, that acts as the birth certificate of the homes.


It’s at the heart of everything we do, from optimising the way we design our housing, to reducing waste during production, to offering multiple energy efficient options.

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and ready for residence within 2 weeks

Manufactured in weeks, installed in hours.

As everything is managed inhouse, by offering a turnkey solution, our homes can be delivered to site (subject to soft landscaping), handover can be achieved in two weeks.

About us

Our homes can provide higher quality solutions with lower risk and greater speed and build consistency.

Our Values

Our aim is to help create greater access to affordable, low-carbon, human-centered homes as well as places for work and learning.


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Recent Development

Mr Dair sums up the real value of the development “This has changed our lives”, as he and his family lived in temporary accommodation before landing the two bedroom home.

Rated in the top 1% of new builds for energy efficiency results

A Rated (98) EPC

A Rated (98) Co2 Rating

Installed in 48 hours

Actual Running Costs - £1.48 a day

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