Totally Modular are at the leading edge of innovation and digital design.

We are working closely with many of the leading innovation organizations within the UK.

We have also been awarded three UKRI, Innovate UK grants, following our outstanding submissions to the 'Transforming UK Construction Competition'.


The variety of scope from the three projects shows our commitment to the whole MMC journey, as the projects show a combination of accelerated housing delivery, digital planning, and production technologies that will enable the housing industry to attain new levels of quality, variability, and efficiency.

This success is a unique achievement that highlights our strong commitment for driving new innovative methods to enable positive transformation with the UK construction sector for a multitude of reasons.



Simon Hart

Head of Construction for Innovate UK said:

“The Transforming Construction Challenge is transforming the places where we live, work and learn using digital manufacturing techniques. In a sector worth over £100 billion a year in the UK, around 6% of GDP, it is one of the most vital industries in the country. The challenge will support the industry in adopting technologies and help buildings to be constructed 50% faster, 33% cheaper and with half the lifetime carbon emissions.

It is fantastic to see the successful investment in innovation that Totally Modular have made towards these goals. My team and I would like to congratulate Totally Modular on their recent grant awards and we look forward to working with them over the next two years to maximise the impact of the projects.”

The innovation that drives these projects will showcase better delivery, enable more certainty, and transparency during the design, construction and operation of MMC housing. Therefore, increasing asset availability, lifespan and maximise performance.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Each of our projects encompasses an innovative, digital spine throughout the process to drive quality assurance and provide a transparent audit trial by integrating BIM technology.

The BIM model acts as the birth certificate of the homes, from design all the way through to delivery, and then supports the client or homeowner by acting as the equivalent to a MOT and service book.

BIM makes it possible to detail the materials, cost model and maintenance modelling for every house type and allows for better collaboration between parties. There are benefits that BIM can bring to both off-site and traditional construction, with its ability to provide a visualisation of the proposed design allowing project managers to iron out any potential issues before work commences.

The Golden Thread

In construction, the ‘golden thread’ of information is used to describe an accurate and up-to-date record of the building data needed to maintain and operate an asset.

The golden thread details how a building was designed, built and maintained, with all project and asset data being held digitally: it acts as a live repository, linking all data about how a building is managed and operated. This record will capture the digital engagement of people, recording their decisions, thus giving a clear accountability trail to avoid risk. Totally Modular are actively working towards a golden thread approach, guaranteeing the traceability and availability of project data and all decisions relating to the design, construction, safety performance and maintenance of our buildings.

3dhouse Exploded

Advanced Manufacturing

At Totally Modular our advanced manufacturing methodology is typified by the fundamental use of digital technology throughout the process.

From design through to component manufacture and assembly, with the ambition to use automation and high-performance materials where appropriate to drive quality, performance and mass customisation through standardised processes.

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