Our manufacturing process operates from our 40,000 sqft factory in the West Midlands, where our facilities are purpose-built to enable us to build precision-engineered housing solutions on a production line.

At present we have the capacity to manufacture 400,000 sqft a year.

The improved quality from the precision-engineered manufacturing process naturally lowers the failure rate of the assets, thereby improving predictability and reducing the quantum of asset maintenance costs.

Accuracy is heightened through our delivery, as typically traditional construction suffers the stresses of ever-changing weather conditions, scheduling problems, or document management on site. Offsite construction controls this process with each trade located inside the factory, where key-stage inspection points are documented within the manufacturing procedures. These are monitored by proactive quality control inspectors positioned within the production environment, which can’t be overlooked due to vast scrutiny at each workstation.

What is MMC?

Under the 'MMC definition framework', Totally Modular's product is defined as 'Category 1 – Pre-manufacturing (3D primary structural system)'. This is a systematised approach based on volumetric construction involving the production of three-dimensional units in controlled factory conditions prior to final installation. Totally Modular’s volumetric units are brought to the final site with all internal and external finishes and services installed, all ready for installation. This is known as category 1, read more about the different categories here.

Our building methods significantly improves sustainability, building safety and assured technical & architectural quality due to using an advanced manufacturing approach for the construction process.

Modern Methods of Construction

It is well publicised that the UK faces an unprecedented housing shortage; despite this, just half the homes needed are being built and the shortfall continues to increase.

MMC includes off-site manufacturing of houses in factories, promotes the building of good quality, low carbon, affordable housing at pace and scale, constructed in days instead of months.

This is particularly beneficial to suppliers of social housing who are facing ever greater challenges in delivering quality affordable homes.

Pre-Manufactured Value

Homes England have announced their 25% MMC requirements for the 2021-2026 Affordable Housing funding bid. They confirmed that to qualify towards the 25% target, any of the MMC Categories 1 – 7 can be used, however, properties need to achieve a 55% total “Pre-manufactured Value” to count. They have released an online calculator which has pre-set formulae included and can produce a PMV percentage for any proposed project based upon the technology being used.

Our projects are currently achieving over 70% PMV score so would easily qualify.



Platform Design for Manufacture and Assembly (PDfMA): to create a smarter, more sustainable future.

By adopting PDfMA methodology, Totally Modular are leading a step-change in the increased productivity of a lean construction process, tangible quality improvements and the associated reduction in true costs. This methodology creates a smarter, more sustainable future.

PDfMA is a catalyst for creativity/innovation, it is an approach to design that focuses on ease of manufacture and efficiency of assembly. The programme savings that PDfMA enables is an important driver. This streamlined/efficient methodology allows for repeatability of end products.

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