We have developed a unique, point loaded, low-rise apartment system that can enable any mix of apartments to be achieved within a block.

Using a hybrid steel volumetric system, designed for multi-storey accommodation, the system utilises a standard design for a range of predetermined building styles; that can be adapted to suit a variety of tenure requirements.

At Totally Modular we can offer singular or multiple modules on top of existing buildings to optimise your airspace from small apartments up to luxurious, spacious penthouses.

Things that help us to help you…

Early Engagement – get in touch right at the start of the process. If you have land and planning, or a project idea, we can accommodate your project requirements.


Early engagement is essential for all stakeholders.


Thorough engagement and collaboration throughout the process ensures efficiencies in design, construction, manufacture and installation.

Send across all your information, drawings or details you currently have on your project.

Come and visit our factory, seeing first hand the homes being manufactured, walk round our show homes and then we can discuss your project.



Access is also a key qualification point, we can land modules in a matter of hours. However, if we don’t have access for the crane at site, this can be detrimental to a project’s viability.


0.53 DR

Totally Bespoke

At Totally Modular, customer satisfaction is essential.

We have a variety of trusted suppliers that can offer a range of exterior finishes; with brick, clad, render or a combination of all being available to choose from. These are designed to meet either personal tastes or planning guidance’s. We have the flexibility to enable external designs to match the local vernacular, together with the recognition of the need for placemaking.

Additionally, the internal specification can be as basic or high spec as you wish. We have three sample specifications and can guide you to products that would best meet requirements for first time buyers, social/affordable housing etc.

Whilst always working to your budget.

Innovative Add-ons

We have a range of leading technology partners that offer an array of energy efficient/digital innovations which are much easier to implement in a factory setting than on a building site.

These solutions also significantly align to the government’s ambitions for greener and more energy efficient houses.

  • Solar PV - Factory installed roof integrated Solar PV, to help meet zero carbon standard.
  • Solar PV and Storage.
  • Sensoring System - This innovative platform provides remote monitoring of various conditions which can provide landlords with indicators of negative living environments, like mould growth, those experiencing fuel poverty, and identify vulnerable people.

Air Source Heat Pumps.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery.

Mechanical Electrical Ventilation.

Plug & Play Electrics.

Extreme Low Energy Lighting and Alarm Systems.

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