Our objective is clear. We want to collaborate and form partnerships with forward thinking housing professionals that want to build homes better, greener and faster, for the benefit of the resident.


We have a variety of offerings that developers can choose from, in order to realize their ambition in providing communities where residents and placemaking are positioned at the forefront of the plan. In being able to take the project through all stages of the RIBA process or alternatively carry out specific activities within that process, we give the developer the control they want to ensure the scheme works for them and their clients.

We have a dedicated development team made up of housing industry professionals, who have an enviable reputation for delivering high quality, urban design, placemaking and sustainable communities.

MMC RIBA process.
MMC RIBA process.


As with all developments, consultation as early as possible is fundamental to ensure the gross development cost is achieved.

Early engagement is essential for all stakeholders. Thorough engagement and collaboration throughout the process ensures efficiencies in design, construction, manufacture and installation.

Send across all your information, drawings or details you currently have on your project, come and visit our factory, witness homes being manufactured, walk round our show homes and then we can discuss your project.

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On a national perspective – the government would like homes to be built...


Increased Accuracy

Plethora of Accreditations

Precision Engineered Process


Carbon Zero Homes

A+ EPC Rated Homes as standard

Less than 1% Wastage

Green Technologies Available


Greater Predictability

Faster Installation

We are achieving this.

On a regional perspective – local authorities would like...

Brownfield Regeneration

Job Creation

Digitalisation in the sector

Green Manufacturing

We are
achieving this.

Homes England have announced their 25% MMC requirement for the 2021-2026 Affordable Housing funding bid for any categories of MMC. We are the top Category 1 within the MMC framework and are currently achieving well above the qualification rates for Pre-Manufactured Value.

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Focus should not be on like-for-like unit cost, but also sustainability, energy-efficiency, project-efficiency, and long-term quality. These should be supported and prioritised.

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