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According to Shelter UK, there are 320,000 people who are homeless in Britain today, with the numbers going up by more than 1,000 every month. Britain faces a growing homelessness crisis.

More than 54,000 households in London alone are currently housed in temporary accommodation, and the majority of these are families with children. With growing pressure on local authority resources, there is an urgent need to find new solutions to homelessness.

We believe we can help.

There is a crucial need for government support towards modular methods of construction, which can help and alleviate both the housing and homeless crisis in the UK.

We offer a range of high quality, emergency accommodation solutions to housing associations, local authorities and charities which can be delivered at speed.

It provides an affordable solution to tackle the homeless crisis and provides individuals with an address which allows them to re-enter society.

How we can help.

Totally Modular have developed a range of emergency housing solutions, which we believe will help to resolve the rough sleepers and homeless crisis currently affecting the UK.

These solutions have been designed to provide high quality housing on an emergency basis with very little notice.

Individuals or families can take back control of their lives, having a key to their own front door and enabling them to re-enter society with dignity in a safe, self-sufficient environment.

Our interim solutions are manufactured using the same high-quality materials as all our house designs, complying with building regulations, highly energy efficient and can accommodate many exterior finishes to meet either personal taste or planning requirements.

The homes can consist of just one dwelling or up to 60 dwellings which can be positioned on temporary sites, meaning full planning consent is often not required.

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A Cheaper, Safer
alternative to B&B's and hostels.

Only the Highest Quality

Highly Energy Efficient
Highly insulated homes that can support green energy, which leads to low running costs.

Low Maintenance

Exterior and Interior Flexibility
We work to your requirements and budget.

A home can be installed on site in a day.

Full Turnkey 
Fully furnished.

Built in Compliance
With BOPAS and many more accreditations.

Case Study.

We delivered a bespoke mixture of housing solutions, which were used to get vulnerable, homeless individuals off the streets into safe, quality accommodation.

  • Bespoke designed emergency accommodation.
  • Fully furnished.
  • Installed in hours.
  • Highly insulated homes.

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