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  • 40,000 sqft
  • Cradley Heath
  • West Midlands

We have developed a pioneering production model whereby our current centralised manufacturing facility - or hub - can be replicated in areas of highest demand for new homes across the UK through ‘spoke’ factories, with minimal factory set and operational costs.

These ‘spoke’ factories are highly flexible and deliver the concept of building local homes for local people, employing local labour for the benefit of local communities and to grow the local economy.

The hub and spoke model will help create greater access to affordable, low-carbon, human-centred homes, as well as places for work and learning.

It is levelling up the market and allowing small businesses to compete using MMC and giving them access to processes and technology that will make projects more productive and profitable.

Based on our manufacturing model, each 30,000 sqft manufacturing ‘spoke’ facility can deliver 30,000 sqm of residential development.

This hub and spoke production model is being developed in conjunction with our successful submission to the Innovate UK, Transforming UK Construction Competition.

We are working with leading universities, University of Wolverhampton and University of Brighton. Their innovative capabilities and input mean that this model can be implemented with minimal disruption through applying their methodology of digital twinning, which benefits from discrete event simulation achieving a ‘right first time’ optimised facility.

If you are interested in partnering with us and opening a spoke factory, please get in touch today.

We believe that our model has opened up MMC to the small housebuilder and contractor supply chain by removing some of the most prohibitive cost barriers. As a result, local and regional businesses can use MMC to successfully compete in a market benefitting from lower cost, increased productivity, and quality. All while still delivering homes that address local needs and requirements.

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